We are delighted to be adding another hosted SCADA platform to our growing suite of Application Layer solutions for your network.  We have now officially launched Inductive Automation's Ignition SCADA platform on MET Connect™.  This has been in use for the last year by several of our customers as a custom solution, but due to popular demand, we have launched this as a standard offering.

Previously SCADA solutions required you to purchase powerful servers and install these on the local network near your PLCs.  Not particularly practical for mobile plants which might only have a single PLC and HMI in an outdoor cabinet.

Now MET Connect™ can host your SCADA servers in our secure Tier-1 Australian Data-Centre and all you have to do is install the small MET Connect 4G MODEM then login to your private secure webpage to view your own plant SCADA system.  We provision the software for you and all you need to do is login and design your application in the Iginition Designer.  Multiple remote sites can easily be controlled from the one place.

MET Connect is truely the "glue" required for realising the 'Connected Enterprise'.

For more information on the power of Ignition have a look here:  https://inductiveautomation.com/

Feel free to contact our team (support@met-connect.com) if you would like to discuss pricing and to add this game-changing platform to your network.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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