The MET Connect™ Remote Access Service essentially acts like a very very long ethernet network cable.  With this in mind, our customers are using our service in some innovative new ways.

Traditionally, machines which communicate using the Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Protocol had to be in close proximity to each other, usually segments are limited to 250 metres or less.  The advent of CAN to Ethernet Converters has changed this.  CAN Bus networks can now be extended over longer distances using Ethernet networks.  However, extending this beyond the local ethernet network proved problematic because existing VPN services are predominantly Layer 3 routed products which don’t transmit the necessary Ethernet based broadcast packets that these devices use.

Now, MET Connect™ remote access solves this last remaining piece of the puzzle.

The CAN to Ethernet converters can be plugged directly into a MET Connect™ MODEM at each end and the MET Connect™ Service transparently links the two CAN segments as if they were one very long CAN bus.

This now gives rise to being able to remotely re-program CAN based industrial controllers across the internet.

Feel free to contact our team ( if you would like to discuss how we can help you use MET Connect™ to link your CAN networks together.

Monday, December 21, 2015

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