We are delighted to be adding another feature to the growing MET Connect™ suite of services.  For our customers with Allen-Bradley control systems, we can now configure, host and manage your historian servers for you.

Rockwell’s Historian product is designed to poll your PLCs and gather and store process information and allow you to run custom queries on this stored information.  For example, Historian could log a temperature of a process and store this information every minute.  You can then access a webpage where you can ask the Historian to graph this temperature or report on the average temperature over a defined period of time.  The range of applications for this product are phenomenal and can really give you valuable insights in to how your plant is performing.

Previously this software required you to purchase powerful servers and install these on the local network near your PLCs.  Not particularly practical for mobile plants which might only have a single PLC and Panelview touch screen in an outdoor cabinet.

Now MET Connect™ can host this Historian server in our secure Tier-1 Australian Data-Centre and all you have to do is install the small MET Connect 4G MODEM then login to your private secure webpage to view your own Historian.  Your historian server communicates with your remote PLC over the MET Connect™ Network.

We customise each installation to suit your sites requirements.  Feel free to contact our team (support@met-connect.com) if you would like to discuss pricing and to add this fantastic feature to your network.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

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