DHCP For your remote users, but not your control system network.

 The MET Connect™ manager is the tool you’ll be familiar with for configuring your VHUB, adding user accounts etc…

The great benefit of MET Connect™ is that your remote control system network and your remote users are all on the same ethernet segment.  Traditionally this would mean if you have a DHCP on that segment, then all nodes would receive DHCP packets. e.g. an incorrectly configured PLC would request an IP Address over DHCP and the DHCP would happily comply.  This could cause some unintended consequences in what is usually a far away site!

But with the MET Connect™ Manager you can choose who can access the DHCP server.

Just configure the Firewall to stop DHCP requests from inside the remote control system network from reaching the Virtual DHCP Server which is inside your VHUB. This ensures that your users correctly receive an IP Address when they connect to your VHUB from their iPad or computer, but that wayward devices on your control system network do not receive any address from this DHCP Server.

Just add a firewall rule to the bridge user to block port 60 and 61.

Feel free to contact our team (support@met-connect.com) if you would like assistance in setting up this feature.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

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